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Expand your space – Body_Space_Experience

// a body-positive and empowering workshop series //

We listen to the inside and release to the outside. We listen to the smallest movement, follow our impulse and explore the space inside and around us. We sense existing boundaries and play with the transition zones, gaps and blending spaces between inside and outside, between me and other people. To sense the space within you, to feel your body, to rediscover the landscape of your body, experience yourself as a whole. Spur the energy to transform embodied (social) structures that appear as blockages or discomfort in our bodies. Wether you remain in your safe space or you burst your limits, you are equally welcome.

Within this workshop series you are invited to intensify your awareness of your body, to explore places in your body that you havn’t visited in a long time. Feel free to be curious and creative and to welcome your ressources. Be at home in your body. We are gonna focus on the subject of space from three different angles. The space within us, the space between me and others, the entire space around us. You can attend all three workshops or just a single session.

There will be breathing exercises, awareness exercises, sequences with movement, alone or with a partner, with and without touch. I work with methods derived from Zen-Shiatsu, Aikido, mindfullness trainings, Somatic Experiencing and Contact Improvisation. You define your boundaries and we are all responsible to maintain the boundaries of ourselves and others. You don’t need any experience with bodywork, nor do you need a sporty body. Come as you are!

Part 1: A journey inward

  • How do I inhabit my body?
  • Do I wish for more space – e.g. in my joints, in my life in general, within my relationships?
  • How do I care for myself?
  • Which are the resources I allready know and use to take care of the space within me and around me?

The first workshop focuses on the perception of our own body as a space that I can inhabit and create, that I can call my home. Many of us have dificulties to be connected to the body in that way, to feel free and to just BE in our body. Society is structured in a way that everybody is put into a certain place and allowed only a certain freedom. The experiences we make leave traces in our bodies and determine the way we are connected with or disconnected from our bodies. In this workshop we will explore our inner landscape and find a way to feel at home in our body.

Part 2: moving the heart-space

  • How do you connect with others?
  • Where in your body and how do you feel the connection with another person?
  • How do you feel your boundaries?
  • Where are you being limited? And how do you deal with it?

The second workshop is a playfull journey into the space between the bodies and the hearts, the space between me and you. We will be feeling into the physical space that holds the heart in our chest. And also the heart-space that opens up when people meet eachother. We connect with us and the others around us, we will dance our heart-space.

Part 3: to stand your ground

  • How do I define my space?
  • How much space do I need and how much space do I take?
  • How do I reclaim space?
  • Where am I balanced and where do I lose my stability?

In the third workshop we expand our sight beyond ourselves and the direct space around us. We explore the physical space around us, expand and take up space in the here and now with our full presence. Find your own way to stand your ground. This can be silently, loudly, creatively, aggressively, smoothly and much more.


22.09.18: part 1: A journey inward

13.10.18: part 2: moving the heart-space

24.11.18: part 3: stand your ground

every session 3-6pm

workshop facilitator:

Niklas: Shiatsu-therapist, Aikidoka, movement-enthusiast and co-operator of an organic-shop-collective. As a queer person in this world i am constantly looking for ways to deal with discrimination, to hold my ground and to find my internal power. Movement and bodywork are what centre me and keep me in touch with my own self. For me, one of the most exciting challenges is to understand how our experiences are memorized within our bodies, and how we can use the potential that our bodies hold to instigate change in all aspects of our lives. Those are the reasons why i developed this series of workshops.

I hold my workshops with an awareness for discrimination and as a queer friendly space.

pricerange: 25-50€ per workshopday

Location: Shiatsu Niklas Brochhagen, Karl-Kunger-Str. 21 at Ashtanga Yoga Treptow

It’s recommended to bring comfy clothes to the workshop and a pair of socks. There is a changing room where tea and water are waiting for you.

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