The Session

During a Shiatsu session, the client lies or sits on a futon or massage bench wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Shiatsu is recommended for people of all ages and constitutions. During a session, I use my fingers, hands, and elbows to apply pressure along the meridians of your body, shifting my body weight to adjust the pressure exerted. Other elements of a session include stretching and joint rotation. The pressure applied may be light or intense, slow or dynamic, according to your individual needs and constitution.

Each session lasts 60 minutes, including a preliminary consultation, and time to relax at the end. A series of sessions at regular intervals is recommended, so that the lasting benefits of Shiatsu can fully develop, but single sessions are also rewarding.

please bring:
comfortable (sports-)trousers and socks

I am a qualified Shiatsu practitioner (registered with the GSD; Shiatsu Association Germany), but I am not a doctor or a practitioner of alternative medicine. I do not claim to offer the services of either. Shiatsu is not offered as an alternative to necessary medical treatment, which should never be put off, put on hold, or discontinued during a period in which Shiatsu is undertaken.