Grow into your strength

Calmness & Movement


Shiatsu is an invitation to come in touch with your own vitality, intensify your awareness of your body, and to feel your own limits and needs. Shiatsu’s attentive form of contact opens space for relaxation and heightened self-awareness. Shiatsu can offer support in situations of change (e.g. transition, operation, moving home, new job), or at times of crisis, when it can help to balance body and spirit. The immediacy of the contact in Shiatsu enables you to connect to your body and your self, and gives you strength to deal with changes.

Everyday life often lacks opportunities for rest or recuperation. Demands and stress can lead to muscular tension or other physical or emotional complaints. By working with meridians (energetic pathways) and the five elements in TCM (traditonal Chinese medicine), Shiatsu gives impulses that free blocked ki (life-energy). Pressure exerted by fingers and hands, rotation of joints, and stretching work to restore the body’s energetic balance. Shiatsu stimulates the flow of life-energy and invites you to let go and feel what is.

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