Shiatsu offers a form of contact through touch that invites you to come in touch with your own vitality, intensify your awareness of your body, and to feel your own limits and needs. Shiatsu’s attentive form of contact opens space for relaxation and heightened self awareness. We follow sensations of lightness, grounding and presence and focus on the here and now. The touch in shiatsu evokes tranquility, safety and clarity.

Shiatsu can be a wonderful accompaniment to a psychotherapy or a medical treatment. It can balance body and mind when life is demanding due to changes or a crisis that you are going through.

A session takes place on a futon or a massage table while you are fully clothed. Shifting my bodyweight, I apply pressure on certain bodyparts or meridians with my fingers, palms or ellbows. Jointrotations and stretchings are also included in the treatment. Wether I am working slow or dynamic, light or strong, depends on your constitution and needs. Shiatsu works for all ages and constitutions.


A Mindfulness Coaching develops it’s effect through a variety of mindful bodypractices, self-massage techniques and meditation, that I am guiding you through. Every session develops as a dialogue that opens a way to more presence, connection and relaxation in your body. I work with a focus on self-care and regulation of the nervous system. In mindfulness work I combine different elements of shiatsu, mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing and Aikido.

You can also book this session as an online appointment. Here we can focus either on mindfulness and embodiment exercises or more on Shiatsu-selfmassage techniques.


You want to enjoy and learn a wonderful way of relaxing and connecting mindfully with a loved one or friend, or in a small group? 

During a session für two or groups of up to 8 participants, I teach basic Shiatsu techniques and show you how to combine them to a relaxing full body massage. 



70 €  Session of 60 minutes
80 €  Solidarityprice
If you pay the solidarityprice, you support an initiative from the Berlin LGBTIQA+ community with 10 €.  Supported projects and initiatives change over time. If you want to know more, feel welcome to ask me about it. 


140 €  A session is 120 minutes.
Please contact me directly for prices for small groups.


Choosing a continuing rhythm of treatments allows for the most sustainable effect.
325 € Series of 5 treatments
650 € Series of 10 treatments


45 €  for 60 min of Shiatsu 


Vouchers are available for all types of treatments. 

If you are not able to keep your appointment for any reason, please cancel at least 24 hours before the appointment. Please understand that I have to charge you the full price of the session if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment.